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IRS Historical Factbook: A Forgotten Classic

Way back in 1993, the IRS published a classic in American tax history: The IRS Historical Fact Book: A Chronology. It’s no interpretive masterpiece. Rather, it provides just what the title promises — a timeline of U.S. tax history that’s especially heavy on administration of the federal tax system. That may sound boring (and sometimes it is) but it’s also extremely valuable. So take a look.

Slides for “Redistribution and the Long 20th Century of Progressive Taxation”

Slides for my presentation at the Basel conference on Global Histories of Taxation and State Finances Since the Late 19th Century


WSJ: “A 2017 tax overhaul would be a case study in the benefits of dead ends and behind-the-scenes preparation.”

Republicans’ race to rewrite the U.S. tax code on the heels of this month’s election relies on years of work that is suddenly—and quite unexpectedly—poised to pay off.

Source: After Years of Turmoil, Republican Tax Overhaul Picks Up Speed

Stiglitz urges EU to tackle tax havens after Trump win

US economist Joseph Stiglitz called on the EU to take a leading role in the fight against tax evasion, calling the next US leader, Donald Trump a “tax avoider or even evader-in-chief”.

Source: Stiglitz urges EU to tackle tax havens after Trump win

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